>Some New Old Furniture finds…


We have managed to paint and decorate some of the house but we’re waiting for the landlord to finish some work on the house. Anxiously so. In the mean time it seems we can do much more than wait and clean up some corners of the house until the major repairs and alterations are done. Excitement is definitely building. When will our new landlord start on the work he said he’d be finished with by the 15th!?

 We have managed to find the most beautiful bed at a ridiculous price by shopping and bidding online. We have found some other pieces as well. Our goal is to try and make the place as nice as possible with the smallest imaginable budget. And that budget is pretty small. This bed, solid wood and carved as it is, was a steal!! I absolutely love it!

I will put up pictures of the place when we’ve finished. It doesn’t look anything near completion yet – no matter how hard we have worked so far. Oh well, a few more weeks to go. It should be ready by Xmas… We hope.