>Taking the beach home with you

>I have been wondering a lot recently about new potions and what-nots… I have great new pots to fill you see… and one direction I have been heading was scrubs.

Sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, walnut scrubs… Bubbling scrubs… There are endless possibilities it seems. And all pretty well tested and done before…

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Now maybe it is because I am off to the beach for a holiday but something that seems strangely appealing to me is the idea of a sea sand scrub… OK… halt on the sea-sand… I’m not saying you should go and strip mine your local beach front… let’s back up to just sand. pure silicone dioxide fine crystals. Or how about a sand and sea salt combination scrub? With sea-salt, coconut cream… All those dreamy beach island ingredients that would make you never want to come back from your escape.

I found people recommending mixing a bit of oil and essential oil with sea-sand while at the beach and having a good old scrub ‘n rinse in the sea water.

I have also found fine pure white silicone dioxide sand stocked at my ingredients supply store and am wondering if this might be worth trying? To me it does sound like something fun for sure… As usual half the fun for me is in thinking and dreaming up these things. What do you think?