>One Hot Holiday!



We have an amazing trip planned to Thailand! Barely more than a week away and counting down the days until then!

Other than a little sightseeing our itinerary will include: Shopping, Spa, Massage, Food Fests!, Shopping, Spa, Massage, Food Fests!… Oh and I forgot, lying in the beach for a bit…

While this all sounds very luxurious and carefree we do actually have a budget… We did search around for the best possible deals we could find… While trying to save money we also tried to maximize comfort.


For our weekend in Bangkok we are going to stay in The Tenface All Suite Design Hotel – Bangkok.

I am quite excited at finding this awesome spot in Bangkok. It is also centrally located and actually right at the heart of the city. If the hotel lives up to expectation and reviews we will have a great time staying here.


Let’s just say our holiday will be in three parts. For the first part, our first weekend in Bangkok we have basically planned to visit the Palace and Temple Complex on Friday and we have allocated the whole of Saturday and Sunday to shopping at the coolest shopping market I know of… Chatuchak Market. 27 hectares of  flea-market shopping!

Yes, it is crowded and hot! But if you are looking to shop for bargains and handmade Thai crafts and other goodies this is definitely the place to go. You will find something you love, guaranteed. I love the locally produced Thai crafts and ceramics. They are extremely skilled craftspeople and you’ll find the most amazing articles here. Luckily they have little drinks bars and small watering holes everywhere as well as food stalls with fiery Thai food… if you need to take a load off shopping for a while and rest your weary feet.

The most dangerous thing though is that they have courier offices right there to ship all those goodies you cannot say no to… haven’t used them yet, so I can’t vouch for their reliability but they are right there if you manage to buy too much!

Oh and we have also been shopping online for a while already to find the best possible deals on Spa treatments and massages in Bangkok and Phuket. But more on that maybe later…